Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grad parties

Well we have gone to over 7 already and have 3 more to go. The worse of this is my own grandson isn't having a party of his own. gosh I hate that. I was hoping he would have one but didn't want a party. I really enjoyed going to the parties. Good food, wonderful people and great times. It is so nice to see all of the kids grow up and remembering them when they were young and now getting out of school and going to college. That makes me old hee hee. Oh well I guess we all have to get old at some time in our life. I have been making a few things and hope to have a nice selection to have for the open house. Well at least I have that to look forward to. This is a picture of my son when he was a little tike and in a play at this school. He used to hate to be in anything at school. LOL but now he is in everything. Married, successful and joins everything. The other picture is of my son and his son and my grandson's friend. nice picture

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well for the past few days we have had bad weather. Phone and computer went out. We had high winds and rain and hail and you name it we had it. I am getting so tired of dark skys........ Where is the sun. I am wanting some sun light. It has been hot and humid but dark. I am getting so tired of the news always bad news. No good things happening these days. I wish for some thing nice to happen soon. I was listening to a song by Cat Stevens and I just love the words and his singing. I think he goes by another name now but don't know what it is. I know he became a rabbi I think.. Or something in the religous field... He is Jewish so I assume it is a rabbi. Just love that guy... He was always a favorite of mine growing up. But I think he is younger than I am so it had to have been when I was a teenagers or older when listening to his music. there is another Jewish singer, a man, don't know his name that is a rabbi that sings as well. He is something else as well. Great voice.. I have to find out his name to get his records. I am going to try to put Cat's music here I hope it works. If not, will try later. going to bed now my leg is giving me problems today, rain again today.
have a good one and God bless