Saturday, May 15, 2010

May news

Well after back surgery last year and now total knee replacement I am trying to recover from it all. But boy is the pain something in my knee. It is worse than the back pain. I really hate to complain but it is something else. I had to close down my web site for awhile till I am able to start to recreate again. I hope everyone has had a good spring up to now. It is still kinda cool weather but the sun does shine every now and then. I am going to try to put a picture of my son in law graduation party. He finally got his degree from Malone College and we are really proud of him. Being married full time job and raising two sons he did it. Good for him. We had a great party with good food and great friends and family there.I posted pictures of my husband and my grand-daughter Katie and also my son in law and husband and grand-daughter Katie. We had a blast at the party. It was so nice to be all together.